Display settings

After the plugin installation and products setups, all of them will be available in a table in the WooCommerce Stock Manager as you can observe in the picture below.

The displayed information here (columns and cells) about the product depends on the settings you choose.

To set the view you need,  please open the tab Display setting on the top of this page  and check the boxes next to the option you want to be included in the main overview and click on the button Save settings.

Let´s see in more detail some of the main options:

  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit – a unique identifier of each product
  • Name – Name of the product
  • Product type – here we have 2 types of product :simple and product variation. In case the product has a variation, a blue button will be available in this field. Clicking on it all variation of the parent product will be displayed (see picture below)
  • Parent ID – this field is relevant just for products with variations and the ID of the parent product will appear here
  • Manage stock – in WooCommerce you have the possibility to manage the stock or not of each product. In this field you can set it up
  •  Stock status – in this column you can setup if the product  is In stock or Out of stock
  • Backorders – here you have 3 options YES ,NO and NOTIFY. This optin works just if the option in Manage stock is set to YES. You can find more information here 
  • Stock – the available quantity of the product will always be displayed in this field

In each line you have the possibility to Save the changes you have made. It means you save each line or in case you need to execute a mass change, there is a button named Save all on the bottom of this list of products.


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