Product data editing

In the WooCommerce Stock Manager you can also edit product data. There is more possibilities how and where to do it.  Let´s tart by the “active” fields that can be edited and changed directly on the Stock Manager screen as you can see in the picture below.

Positioning the mouse in the name field of a particular product or just hovering over it, an icon of pencil will appear next to the product name.

Clicking on it, a new pop-up will be open with a field for changing the name of the product. If you wish, insert a new name and save the changes.

In case you need to update a specification of the product not editable here, go to the product name field and click on the name of the product.

You will be redirected to the file of this particular product to Products  – products where you´ll be able to setup all new criteria,


Note: After editing and changes you can click on the Save button in the product line or on the Save all button in case you execute a mass change.


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